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What is Net-Pet?

Net-Pet it is a project aiming to control and protect our four-legged friends.
With a special device positioned, for example, on the collar, you can check the exact location of your pet at any time.
Net-Pet is an easy-to-use service, structured as follows:

Device for your pet
that can be incorporated in any
collar or accessory

Mobile application
can be downloaded free of charge from any on-line store

Works without a SIM
Does not require a paid connection

How does it work?

Through the device worn by the pet, Net-Pet informs of the animal's location.
It is possible to set the distance within which the animal can move around.
If the set distance is exceeded, Net-Pet promptly sends a message to the owner's device.

The animal exceeds the set distance

Net-Pet measures this and sends
the pet's exact location

The owner checks
the pet's location
from his own device

The advantages of Net-Pet

Net-Pet increases your control of your pet, and within a set perimeter allows you to identify its exact location.
Net-Pet can be used without the need for a SIM card,
can be applied to any collar, is small in size, monitors up to a distance of 1000 m, is rechargeable and is
waterproof, made in Italy in compliance with European standards.

Works without a SIM

It can be applied
to any collar

It is small

Monitors up to 1000 m



Made in Italy in compliance
with European standards